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Calendar Down

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with the module Calendar. When i activate this my interface Down. After searching, i found this: The module don’t find this methode:

    this.sendSocketNotification("ADD_CALENDAR", {
    			url: url,
    			maximumEntries: this.config.maximumEntries,
    			maximumNumberOfDays: this.config.maximumNumberOfDays,
    			fetchInterval: this.config.fetchInterval

    Have you a same problem ?

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  • Hi,

    Visibliy my problem is with the package. I started the package installation but no change. Have an idea to install this on Debian 8 jessie.


  • Hi,

    This Error 
    GET http://localhost/ 404 (Not Found)
    Request.create @
    Request @
    XHR.request @
    XHR.doPoll @
    Polling.poll @
    Polling.doOpen @ @ @
    Socket @
    Socket @ @
    (anonymous function) @

  • Moderator

    What hardware are you using? What version of the operating system? How did you install the MagicMirror package?

  • Hi KirAsh4

    I use one VM Debian 8 jessie and Socket.IO 6. I installed the raspberry package that found in the MagicMirror Kit.


  • Hi All,

    I don’t the solution for my problem. Have you ideas ??


  • Moderator

    I have no idea what you mean with ‘MagicMirror Kit’. Please make sure you install from the official site ( and follow the directions from there. Also note that MM is proven to run on a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 running the default Rasbian Jessie operating system.

  • Hi KirAsh4,

    OK Thanks.
    I’ll test directly on a raspberry and not on a VM.

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