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2 Problems/questions, one of which being my clock module is 4 hours ahead.

  • Now before I go on, I am an absolute novice, and beyond that a dummy. First off, the clock thing. I know it has to do something with a timezone option or maybe a location option somewhere but I cannot for the life of my find it in config.js or clock.js. Super easy fix since It’s probably me being dumb.

    Second thing, more of a question. If I wanted to change the default newsfeed news source, where would I get the url that I want to change it to? For this specific example, I wanted to change it to or add NPR, but I tried searching “NPR xml” and I didn’t find anything similar to the default NY times url. Where would I get this url or other urls I want to add?

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    First, the timezone is set in the raspberry config, ( sudo raspi-config )

    Secondly, google “newssite” + rss to find the links for the xml feed (

  • Super late reply, but thank you!

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