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ICS calendar not working (Synology NAS)

  • Hi there,
    I am trying to include my Synology NAS calender with the default calendar module of the magic mirror. But it does not work and I can’t figure out why. When debugging I only see that the payload of my calender contains no events - which is not the case.
    Can anyone help me out how to debug where in the application the parsing of the ics happens? In calendar.js (socketNotificationReceived) I only see the empty payload.

  • I do have the same problem. Am Using DSM 6.1. with its “new” Calendar app. the problem is, the exporting link, links to the website, not to an ICS file.
    It is possible to export a ICS-file,…
    any one able to automate the process of exporting the ics.file on a regular basis?

  • Module Developer

    • Deleted - I’d misread your question.

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