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Calendar Broadcast

  • I am looking to develop a module that receives the broadcast notification from MM/default/calendar (which is presently being used as a work schedule) and can, for example, parse out the array and display a picture of the person next on the schedule. As of yet I cannot seem to get any even basic output from the CALENDAR_EVENTS notification let alone parse out the array into something useful. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • If you are already receiving CALENDAR_EVENTS notifications, you should be able to iterate over the payload of the notification and access the desired properties, because the documentation says “The event objects are stored in an array and contain the following fields: title, startDate, endDate, fullDayEvent, location and geo.”

    So, you could put the names of the persons as title and access them via the title field while iterating through the array. Then, you can show the picture of that person or whatever you want to do.

    If this doesn’t help, I suggest to rephrase your question. What have you already achieved in this context? What did you try that failed at the end (error messages)?

  • Apologies for not being specific enough. Was having troubles unpacking the notification payload. Found that this method works:

    notificationReceived:function(notification, payload, sender) {
        if (notification === 'CALENDAR_EVENTS' && === 'calendar') {
            var x = payload;
                for (let value of x) {

    then I was able to use variables such as x[0] or value.title/startDate/endDate etc, to access the data.

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