PIR Sensor for MMM-ProfileSwitcher

  • Has anybody setup ProfileSwitcher to work with a PIR sensor?
    I like the idea of having a photo slideshow as the default profile that switches to a data view upon detecting motion but I haven’t found a way to do this yet.

  • I know this is an old topic but in case anyone has had this question, I was able to use a PIR sensor with the MMM-ProfileSwitcher module. I simply added modified this section of MMM-ProfileSwitcher.js with the lines in bold:

        // Override the default NotificationRecieved function
        notificationReceived: function (notification, payload, sender) {
            if (notification === "DOM_OBJECTS_CREATED") {
                Log.log("Hiding all non default modules.");
                this.sendNotification("CHANGED_PROFILE", {to: this.config.defaultClass});
            } else if (notification === "CURRENT_PROFILE") {
            } <strong>else if (notification == 'USER_PRESENCE') {

    To explain, the MMM-PIR-Sensor module sends a notification to all modules when it detects movement. The notification is “USER_PRESENCE”. You simply check for it within your MMM-ProfileSwitcher module and tell it to change the profile. Hope this helps

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