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First mirror (newbie monitor question)

  • I want to start this project ASAP…seems really great and the s/w and modules are flexible.

    Just a simple/stupid question: How important is it to find a monitor where the controls are not built into the front or edge of the bezel? I assume it would be best if they were somehow located behind the monitor so they don’t accidentally get activated when mounting or moving the mirror?

    Maybe I’m wrong. It seems like most monitors on the market today are built with the controls in that configuration.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Mine were on the bottom of the bezel, but I would not think it would matter, I took the bezel off so the screen was flat against the mirror so the controls just hang behind the monitor now. The big thing is what way the power and VGA/HDMI face, you dont want them getting in the way.

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