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MMM-Remote -Control Known limitations

  • Hi members
    When I try in the modus Edit modulesto make all modules disappear, only some of them disappear.
    In the ReadMe I found under Known Limitations : Whenever you change the order of modules in config.js or add/remove modules, the indices of the modules change. Therefore the hidden/shown status of modules might not be correctly applied. If this happens, simply reconfigure and save it again.

    Sorry, but I don’t know how to do the simply reconfigure and save it again (the indices of the modules change)
    Thank you for your help in advance

  • @kurt I always wondered, too.
    While this may not solve your problem completely, did you consider removing modules in (reversed) order? This way, no re-order of modules has to be done hence the indices should be ok?! (Not tested)

  • @Anhalter42
    Strange things happen
    When I tied to remove the modules in reverse order, as you recommanded, I could easily remove all of them. After that with the Allbuton, all modul appeared and I could make them either disappear all together or one by one from any direction, means from the bottom to the top or in reverse order.
    By now the Edit modules funktion is just working fine, just don’t know why. ☺
    So have a big Thank you for your help

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