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Remote control using your iphone

  • Hi everyone,

    i am having issues with the voice module. Until I can fix it I come out with an idea to turn off the screen. I am not probably the first one with this idea. But, I wanted to offer a solution for people who has similar issues as me. So I have downloaded an App in my iphone(I am sure there is something similar in Android). The app I am using is called “Simple SSH Remote”. It is quite easy to use this app. Your only need to write the ip of your pi (it works perfectly fine in local), id, pass, label and command line. In my case I have written these:

    ip: 192.168.0.xx:22
    label:Turn off
    command line: tvservice -o
    label:Turn on
    command line: tvservice -p

  • @Hanauta Or you can just use the great MMM-Remote-Control module.

  • Hi @Anhalter42, I did not know it. I should have read it all the modules before. That make the life more easier to be honest. Thanks for mentioned it!

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