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  • Hello all,

    I’m currently building my first MagicMirror and I wanted to make a module that I found usefull along with it. The module I’m currently making takes 2 addresses and uses a public API to calculate the route and the current delay to be expected along said route (given current traffic situation).

    Currently the module only works for addresses in the Netherlands. Also since it’s my first module I could really use some feedback with regard to the way it is implemented.

    Together with the module I also wanted to make a TypeScript Definition file for the MagicMirror libraries so people can use Typescript instead of plain JavaScript. At the moment I just have a few placeholders in the TypeScript definition file to get everything working.

    The module works right now, but I really want to improve the display of the module. At the moment it just displays 3 lines of text. One of the things I would like to implement is a nice/larger (graphical?) representation with 3 slides that change every so many seconds. That way the information is presented in a nicer fashion and also more readable on a MagicMirror.

    The GitHub repo is at QNimbus/MMM-RouteInfo.

    Again, I would really appreciate feedback or if you think you can contribute in any way and help me along.

  • Also, just to clarify - I’ve made an attempt to create a TypeScript definitions file for MagicMirror. It’s by no means complete, but I would really appreciate it if anyone would like to help/collaborate on this specific topic.

    The definition files are in my GitHub repo in the ‘src’ folder.

    Being able to use TypeScript to develop for MagicMirror would be a great improvement if you ask me 😉

  • Just wanted to let you know that I made initial TS pr for MagicMirror to add simple types. They aren’t complete but you gotta start somewhere 🙂

  • @henrikra I am not sure if it is appropriate but I would like to use Nullish coalescing operator.

    Is it supported in native MagicMirror? Thanks

  • @winstonma as I replied in your other topic it needs node version 14 or higher and maybe a browser mod

    u can you chromium over the mm server to test, if u have node 14

    note it also depends where the operator is used

    if in node_helper, then u need node 14 on the server. if I the modulename.js then wherever the browser runs

  • Thanks @sdetweil

    As there are some TS support added 2 years ago (and I am not sure how much TS support is added), therefore I have this question.

    Yes the browser support on Nullish coalescing operator started half year back but I need the operator on the backend code (which is the node part). I wonder if I could add some npm modules to make it happen.

  • @winstonma no idea. looks like a language thing

  • @sdetweil I read this article it gives me some hope that I could add some TS support in the existing module.


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