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First build, but I have some Windows related questions, old smart phones, tablets...

  • Bonjour from Montreal Qc Canada…
    BTW Montreal turns 375 years old today just thought I would toss that in 😉

    I am working on my first MM project. Currently I am educating myself so I can make the best build possible for me… a person with no real programming skills but gets tech stuff in general. I did hack my NES Classic 😉 I can follow directions and make way through.

    I am leaning toward a basic Raspberry Pi 3 setup with a few bells and whistles like most people have done, but before I start I have a few Windows related questions.

    My build is basically a mirror that will be placed near the front door at my new house that is currently under construction. The idea would be that my daughters can check the weather before they go to school, see important messages ie upcoming events or activities via calendar, leave messages via Cortana or Alexa (notes scheduling). I say Cortana because I have a lot of MS devices including my 950 Windows phone lol #iamthe1% Also I have some Philips Hue lights, maybe be able to control them via voice…

    I also like the facial recognition that can be used with the Windows IoT for a more personal experience but I am not a programmer so I am not sure if this is an easy route for me to take? I don’t mind grinding my way to something cool but is that even possible?

    I have 2 old windows phones. The 950 has a display adapter that basically turns the phone in to a PC and can connect to any screen. I also have a cracked HP Stream 7 tablet with Bluetooth and WiFi… Any ideas or suggestions to use these for any sort of build?

    Anybody have experience with Cortana or Windows IoT Magic Mirrors? Your thoughts, comments and suggestions? Any DIY Windows examples or sites?


    ![alt text](image url)0_1495058079294_image1.JPG

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