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Monzo Module Request

  • Hi all, relatively new to coding so getting a bit lost trying to get this working.

    For those that don’t know, Monzo is a new UK Bank that allows API access to view your balance and recent spending amounts. Following others instructions (!), I have managed to get access to it via my Amazon Echo device. You can see a demo of this by the original author of that bit of code here, it’s pretty impressive.

    I would like to be able to access my Monzo balance on my Magic Mirror. I have seen this done on another version of MagicMirror, named Smartish-Mirror which includes a module for Monzo.

    I couldn’t get that particular installation working and know that the modules there are setup differently to the ones in MagicMirror. It does look like the author has done a great job at creating it all however.

    I have tried to build my own MagicMirror module by looking at the code from the Smartish-Mirror but I am getting myself lost and a tad frustrated!

    It’s likely an easy task for someone so I thought I would ask ands if anyone can help create the module?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jon. 🙂

  • Sorry for being a year late, but it is finally here, introducing MMM-Monzo:

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