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Module to track food expiry dates

  • Hey all,

    It seems that every month I end up with food, drinks, condiments, etc. that expire without me noticing (damn back of the fridge food!), so I was thinking of attempting a module that would display items in the fridge’s expiry date (or possibly just a notification when the time is approaching).
    I know how to program but i’m quite mediocre at it so I figured this may be a good way to develop some skills. Since I’ve never created a module before, i’m open to any suggestions or resources.
    What I’m thinking is to use a barcode scanner to get the items information, pass that into the MM Module and from there compare the food’s information with maybe a static list of expiry dates.

    If I can get that working, id like to expand the module to also possibly show nutrition and such by using an API like:

    Does this sound doable? Or worthwhile?


  • @SexyTrogg funny 😃 do you use extra hardware (somehow connected to the same network) or a camera built into the mirror to read the barcode?

    In case you didn’t see it already: there is a template module

  • I was thinking of using something similar to a few of the QR reader modules I’ve seen kicking around. I originally got the idea because I recently bought a FitBit and it’s App can scan food barcodes ( ).

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