Problems with MMM-awesome-alexa install

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    Thanks for putting this module together. But I need some help. I walked through your procedure as best I could trying to set up my own Alexa voice service and failed. I have created an Amazon device, but I cannot connect to it. The first wall I believe I ran into was that my Raspberry Pi would not accept the connection from Amazon (but there may have been another issue) because it hadn’t been authorized. Then I saw that there were a couple of ways to attempt to do this and they diverge in what you need to enter into the Amazon device. I tried both and neither seemed to work.
    So now I’m very confused as to where I am, what I should do to move forward, etc. I’m thinking that I should delete the Amazon device and start over. But if I do that, which procedure should I follow? Is there a final defined procedure that is the best to use? If so, which one? If I can’t delete the Amazon device precisely how should it be configured to talk the the Magic Mirror on my RPi 3?



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