A hands free Alexa module for the Magic Mirror, which is activated when you say ‘Alexa’.


    1. Execute the following commands to install the module:

    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules # navigate to module folder
    git clone # clone this repository

    2. Go to and generate a config for this alexa module. I have tried to make this step as simple as possible.

    3. Then, add the previously generated config from the website above and put it into the modules section of your config/config.js file.

    Note: For an easy set up, you can omit step 2, and 3, and this will instead use alexa credentials I created, so that even novices can get started. But it is highly recommended you use your own!


    • Wake Word support
    • Custom Wake Word
    • Very easy set up
    • Easy config tool
    • All-in-one solution.

    Coming Soon

    • Visualisation

    Supported Wake Words

    Right Now it only supports Alexa

    Coming Soon

    • Alexa
    • Jarvis
    • Smart Mirror


  • @dolanmiu
    Thanks for making this.
    I tried to go to your site to generate a config file, but I get an error from amazon.
    I entered my ClientID and Client Secret.
    What goes in the Device ID box? - Is it the Security Profile ID or the Device Type ID?


  • So what can we do with this module? Sorry, I don’t get it

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