Foodtracker (calorie intake)

  • Hi,

    Besides R I dont know much about programming, so I was wondering if someone would like to take the time to build an app that tracks your calorie intake. Such as the Fatsecret app (api here: ). It would be interesting to show on the MM how much I’ve eaten (in terms of calories) and the division of proteins, fats and carbs.
    Anyone up for it?


  • I know this isn’t 100% what you’re looking for but I use the Fitbit App (downloaded on Google Play or iStore) to track my calories. You can scan barcodes of food and it will bring up all its information. From there I also use the MMM-Fitbit module ( to display that information (and more) on my mirror.
    Sure you need a fitbit for half of this to work(Fitbit app works without a fitbit), but it is another solution if you dont find anything else.

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