Mirror from Czech rep

  • Hi all
    this is my 1st MM. It’s not finished - need to play with CSS, maybe add some more modules, mount it on the wall…
    about the mirror - no idea, the only available I found on the market - 4mm "something"
    just some basic modules + very small touch of default CSS
    thanks to all of you…

    the most expencive part? It’s the power charger for Raspberry - it’s Vertu charger 😃

    any comments are welcome (include the negative - it helps to improve)

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Hi Zdeněk, nice mirror, really good job! 🙂 Especially meteo radar and home sensors! Should I ask you, where did you buy the two way mirror in Czech Rep.? Now I have in my mirror half transparent foil, but it’s foggy and my wife can’t reconcile with it. 🙂

  • @TomasZmuda thx. Maybe we can speak czech, it will be easier 😃 anyway, the mirror I bought near Prague. I don’t know the name of glass-company, but I’ve a phone-number and it’s in Hostouň, Podsvícenská náves 15. I called there, came, they just in front of me cutted the glass - easy and fast. The price for that size was about 800,- if I remember right.