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Question on Concept

  • So I have just started looking into this… Is the mirror always on or does it need to be turned on? I am going to make this for my younger sisters that have no experience with any of this so I need to make it as easy as possible for them.

  • when installing MM2 properly and doing every step in the wiki, the mirror will be always on.

    when you restart the raspberry pi, the MM will startup after boot.
    also there is an option to use a PIR sensor. when there is no movement it will close the HDMI port so display will go to sleep mode.

    What is the thing you want it to do?

  • Now that you mention the PIR sensor I actually want to look into using that.

  • i’m also waiting for the PIR sensors hoping it will work out of the box with the module created by @paviro otherwise i Have to start debugging.

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