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Calendar not updating after changing to Wifi SSID

  • Got a new wifi router from my cable provider. Changed the raspi 3 network config to point to the new SSID.

    After a restart of the magic mirror I noticed a slower initalizing of the modules, with which I can live with.

    The annoying thing is that the calendar does not update after initially loading and displaying the events. Other modules update, just not the calendar.

    Anybody experienced this behaviour after changing SSID?

  • @kwyjibo089 I can’t really imagine that changing SSID of wifi alone breaks the calendar module… Since other modules update, I guess raspi has internet access in general? Did you try to manually access the URLs the calendar tries to update from (via browser or whatever)?! Did you change anything else?

  • Answering myself here might help somebody with a similar problem.

    Thanks to the latest Issue 60 of The MagPi I checked the wireless network with the Wifi Analizer and I realized that I had to change the channel. Looks much better now 🙂

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