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Wierd issue - Mirror freezing

  • Hey guys,

    Ive started experiencing a wierd ish problem with my mirror.
    I have it set to reboot every day at 06 in the morning just to make sure everything is running fresh and fine.
    I recently also put in a PIR sensor on it, wich works great.

    But somehow it seems like everyday, at around 12:00 am it just freezes completely, the screen will be shut off due to the pir, but i cant get any reaction out of it. VNC doesnt work, ssh into it is a no go. It just dies and i have to pull the plug to make it work again.

    It only happens once a day tho, wich is kinda odd. The rest of the time after i pull the plug it works fine untill the reboot, then 5-6 hours later boop it goes again…

    Anyone got some input here?
    Unsure of wich logs i should post so let me know if you need anything to help.

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