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I need help for module Trafic

  • Hello,
    I can not get the traffic module to work. Is it possible to switch to French?
    My config :

    	module: 'MMM-Traffic',
    	position: 'top_left',
    	classes: 'dimmed medium', //optional, default is 'bright medium', only applies to commute info not route_name
    	config: {
    		api_key: 'MyApiKey',
    		mode: 'driving',
    		language: "fr",
    		origin: '75013 Paris, France',
    		destination: '76000 Rouen, France',
    		arrival_time: '0825', //optional, but needs to be in 24 hour time if used.
    		route_name: 'Maison vers le bureau',
    		changeColor: true,
    		showGreen: false,
    		limitYellow: 5, //Greater than 5% of journey time due to traffic
    		limitRed: 20, //Greater than 20% of journey time due to traffic
    		traffic_model: 'pessimistic',
    		interval: 120000, //2 minutes
    		showWeekend: false,
    		allTime: false

    My Mirror
    Thank you for your help.

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