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    Module for MagicMirror which can show images from Dropbox


    Features and Information

    This module can download images (one-by-one) from Dropbox and use it as fullscreen wallpaper. It supports profiles (MMM-ProfileSwitcher).

    This module might be good for…

    • Who has NOT SUFFICIENT storage on his Raspberry Pi.
    • Who has TONS of images already in Dropbox and wants to show MOST of them.
    • Who is not familiar with using FTP/SFTP/NETATALK/SAMBA, … So he just wants to throw his image into a dropbox folder simply.
    • Who share the photos with others, and want to manage showing their photos on MM easily.

    Usually, storing photos in local RPI storage and using MMM-RandomPhoto or MMM-RandomBackground is better way to use wallpaper on RPI.

    This module has a very shallow niche purpose, especially for my wife. 😛


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