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Is there a solution to sunlight overpowering the display?

  • I have absolutely gone through every option I can think. Even went as far as to purchase a brand new IPS Samsung monitor. Even with the brightness level of the large windows in the room making it hard to see anything on the monitor during the day.

    Setting the brightness level this high also makes the blue glow from the LCD easy to see from many angles. Directly face on, and in lower light levels it is acceptable.

    We purchased the best glass, tried acrylic with mirror-film. Thicker and thinner. You name it. I have spent months changing things out to try and get this figured out.

    I’m hoping someone has some recommendation that I have yet to think of.

  • Have you tried an anti-glare filter like you’d see on PC’s in offices? 3M do a range of filters that might help.

  • Nothing short of a brighter display, or getting the display closer to the glass to eliminate the small gap. I bought a 40" commercial display on Craigslist for $100―one of the outdoor advertising see it from 6 miles away in direct light kind. I pulled everything out of the casing, and replaced the cabling with longer wires so I could mount the power supply and daughter board that had the inputs vertically against the back of the display. That cut down the weight a TON, and gave a much slimmer profile so I was able to get the screen even closer to the glass.

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