Two way community order for Europe - Open until 11 November 2017

  • Hi Guys,

    because of your numerous private inquiries and due to the fact that the webshop will probably not go online this year, there will be another big collective order here in the forum :)

    for all who do not know me yet, in the first post of this thread I have presented myself in detail:

    The offered mirror is very popular here in the forum and the resonances are very positive. Meanwhile, I have already shipped over 80 mirrors to the users here in the forum ;)

    Here are a few reviews, which I received by private message. Other reviews are also available in the respective threads:

    User: Beh
    Hi Chris, My mirrors arrived some days ago. They really look astonishing! thanks for all your work! If you need any help for making your online shop work, I’d offer my manpower to help you to get more people to this awesome glass! Let me know, if you need anything. greetings!

    User: MyMirror
    Hi Chriz,
    i get the mirrors for Luttich and me and they looked great. Even though it took some time, i would like to thank you for your time and effort. THANKS

    Hi Chris your mirror arrived yesterday unbroken! Thanks a lot for the imense effort. As my english is not so good…vielenvielen Dank für die Mühe die du dir gemacht hast. Wann immer in meinem Freundeskreis die Rede von MagicMirror ist, muss ich deinen Beitrag und Einsatz zu diesem Projekt erwähnen. Nochmals vielen Dank und es wird zwar noch eine Weile dauern bis der Spiegel an der Wand ist, aber wenn es soweit ist, kommen natürlich ein paar Fotos ins forum. LG. aus Wien

    User: BenElMarine
    Hi Chriz, danke für den Spiegel. Ist am Samstag hier unversehrt eingetroffen. Sieht super aus

    and so on… :)

    Here you will find a video of the user mantha, who used my mirror for his project.


    For this new order he following requirements are valid:

    • All users from Europe are welcome
    • The acceptance is 12.11.2017
    • No self-collection, only shipping

    The known conditions from the last order are still valid:

    • 355 € / m²
    • 9 € per meter polished edges.
    • Shipping within Germany (max. 2,00m x 1,20m) 49.90€
    • Shipping to BE, NL, LU, Northern France (up to Paris), AT, PL (max. 200cm x 120cm) 79.90€
    • Shipping to DK, EE, FI, FR, UK, IE, IT, LV, LI, LT, MC, PT, SE, SK, SI, ES, CZ, HU (max. 100cm x 80cm) 79.90€


    Additional insights about the mirror glass we could make from the first order:
    • The mirror glass works easily with cameras and motion detection systems behind it
    • The mirror glass can easily be glued for the frame-free use.


    If you are interested, please register in the list below. If you do not know how to enter the list, contact me directly, so I can register you.

    Please use the old Threads for further information and pictures of the glass:

    Best regards

    # username width (m) height (m) real area (m²) area to pay for (min. 0,4 m²) location of delivery additional comments (like polished edges) confirmed

  • # username width (m) height (m) real area (m²) area to pay for (min. 0,4 m²) location of delivery additional comments (like polished edges)
    1 projekt95 0.8 0.5 0.4 0.4 Nuernberg polished edges

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