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What the best slim LCD for 24"+ magic mirror? I've been only been able to get components down to 1.5".

  • I’ve been using a Acer 27" K272HUL with 2"/50mm standoff. The LCD part is only 1/4" but the power supply and display boards are 1.5" so that forces me to use the 2" standoff.
    0_1505232202390_Magic Mirror.png

    Does anyone have a recommendation for: Same size LCD or bigger that can has a slimmer / thinner power supply and display board?!

  • @alberttwong

    hello, this may not be what you want to do, but I had similar problem, and just cut out the section from wall that the monitor parts protruded out too much so now the sticking out bits are inside the wall and mirror is a lot closer to wall now. You will be hard pushed to find a LCD to your spec, as you would have to source out all the tech details for all the monitors just to see which boards are slimmer than your one.

  • Module Developer

    You can get thinner if you go with a laptop LCD panel and source the controller separately, but then you are much smaller than 24" - you’ll be at 17" since that is typically the largest laptop screen you will find readily.

    You could, however, go with dual MM’s - 2 17 inch laptop LCD screens and 2 rpi. You would have to configure them independently though.


  • If you want to go bigger and really crazy:

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