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VNC Viewer disconnects

  • MM works fine with an Android tablet and Real VNC viewer. There is only one problem… Real VNC viewer app disconnects due to inactivity after some time so I can’t use the tablet for MM. Within the VNC app there is no option to change the idle time or to set it to infinity. Does anyone know another VNC viewer which has more settings? Or can I keep the connection idle from RPi settings?

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    do you need really need VNC on the tablet?

    I mean you could just access your MM via the built in browser of your android tablet

  • @broberg Thanks for your advice, did not know this was possible. But, when I enter the MM/RPi IP-address in my browser, there is no connection.

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    in the ipwhitelist option, this will however allow any unit to access your MM in the network)

    And the default port is 8080 so the ip adress should be something like this :

  • @broberg Well, I appreciate your advice it was very helpful. It was my intention to separate the RPi from the display and build a small mirror using a relatively cheap tablet. After editing the config.js file all works fine now with a fullscreen browser app. Besides using a tablet makes it easy to use the front camera as a motion detector to switch the mirror. Thanks again!

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