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Finding new Modules...

  • I always see myself crying if i need to search something in the forum.
    It’s a pain. (unless if i know what to search for)
    Well i guess the used Forum Software is really crap. Sorry for that hard words.
    Think the great community was growing really to fast, for this amazing piece of Software, and the Forum can not handle it to have nice overview of everything.

    People are creating great new modules for the mirror and you are lucky if you can maybe find them.
    There is no good structure, imho.

    Sometimes you learn about new modules, which you was always looking for, by a comment from someone else. or you see something interesting on a screenshot.
    Yourself would never find it in the “showroom” , and in the subcategories… if the developer even has put it there.

    So, i do not really know how to solve that, without a huge effort, but maybe someone else was facing that also?

    I saw a “beta” version of something like a showroom, but the same, if the dev has not put it manually there, you can not find it.
    Also i think a screenshot in a introduction of a new module should be mandatory 😉

  • Module Developer

    @barnosch Maybe we need some centralized repository for modules.
    This could be help.

  • yeah you are right.
    But this overview is new? Never saw that before. Last time it was not a complete list, more like a overview.
    How is it updated?

  • Module Developer

    @barnosch by anyone. usually, developers release their modules then update that page.

  • Module Developer

    @barnosch I’m building module-management module with that page. I’d thought it could be good if we have some kind of centralized repository with more detailed and regularized information.

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