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Hardware Stack up

  • Hi,

    I am trying to build a magic mirror with Raspberry Pi. I am little confused in selecting the sequence of hardware stack up.

    One option that I want to go ahead is having a HDMI monitor in back, a mirror sheet in between and resistive touch panel in front but I am not sure if touch panel will be able to create impact on monitor. What should be the thickness of Mirror sheet to achieve this option?

    Another option is to have touch panel film in between and mirror sheet in front. Can you guys help me which option should I prefer?

    Thank you.

  • Mirror-Sheet, Acryl or Glass: Touchscreen will not work!

    You will need a special folio as you can use with your smartphone. Even if you will find one in your size, it will be expensive and you have to install it right on your display…so i think it will not look as good as a class- or acryl-solution. And how will you implement the touchscreen-actions? Forget it.-(

  • Project Sponsor

    Resistive touch and capacitive touch will most likely not work.
    The easiest (and only?) way to get touch is by using IR-frames.

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