Can't make MMM-Paris-RATP-PG work

  • Hello,

    Let me first say I’m not an programmer or a developper so my question might be easy to answer
    I started to build my magic mirror, modules work fine but I have some trouble to make MMM-Paris-RATP-PG work properly.
    I don’t know what I should put in the config part {
    config: {
    I tested this and that from what I can find in the readme but nothing seems to work, I can’t even have something displayed on my monitor.
    I also tested MMM-LocalTransport but it doesn’t fit my needs, want to make it work so my son can use it before he goes to school, stuff like that
    I don’t need a very complex config, just to be able to see, like in the screenshot ( one line with the bus number, next passage etc and then I will fill the module myself

    Thank you very much,

  • Hi @AFCM , so did you try something from the suggestions of the github readme file,
    like just with one bus for example:
    busStations: {api: ‘v3’, type: ‘bus’, line: 38, stations: ‘observatoire+++port+royal’, destination: ‘A’}

    Would it be working on your setup ?

  • @da4throux Thank you, so I tried your config, I can only see the header nothing else. And the header shows "Connections, update request x S ago"
    This is what I have in my config.js :
    module: ‘MMM-Paris-RATP-PG’,
    position: ‘top_center’,
    header: ‘Connections’,
    config: {api: ‘v3’, type: ‘bus’, line: 38, stations: ‘observatoire+++port+royal’, destination: ‘A’

    I can use the module as a standalone right ? I don’t need anything else ?

  • @AFCM
    It sounds like a connectivity issue.
    1st step: Do the standard modules work: not setting the RATP, but for example the weather module ?
    2nd step: if it worked, then add the RATP module, also add ‘debug:true’ in the config also, and share the browser console, this will probably give some more hint.

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