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How similar is the reflection of Glass+Gila Film to a typical bathroom mirror?

  • Hi all,

    I’m putting together a parts list for a magic mirror to go in my bathroom. The plan is to have a mirror that is roughly 30"x40", with a 24" LED monitor in one of the corners as the display. For the mirror I was going to use 1/8" clear glass with Gila mirrored window film.

    I want this to be the main mirror in my bathroom, meaning I’d like it to have nearly identical reflective properties as a standard bathroom mirror. Does anyone here have a magic mirror in their bathroom, who can comment on how similar (or different) its reflection is to a typical mirror? I’ve seen some pictures and the lighting/tint appears to be off in some of them, but I don’t know if that’s just the camera.


  • Module Developer

    If it’s a good reflection you are after, don’t use a mirror film, you will never be satisfied with it’s reflection qualitys.

    Get a proper coated two-way mirror with a high reflection %

  • Thanks for the response. I ended up buying a two way mirror sample (1/8" thick) from As long as the monitor is completely flush against the back of the mirror, the reflection is identical to that of a regular mirror. 🙂 So I think I’ll go with a real two way mirror as opposed to a film.