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spy foil - any suggestions?

  • hi,
    i am trying to build a magic mirror. so far, so good, it is being done on a rasppi zero w, which is showing via midori the page generated on a server - so the load is minimal on the rasppi zero, and taht is working fine.
    now i am going to finish the hardware-part. i bought two acryl glasses “vivak”, which feel goog, although they are very thin (2mm), but i could get them even thicker, but i will see how they will be when finihed.
    i ordered a cheap spy foil, which is working, but i hope to increase the result by getting a better foil. searching the web i found “vista 99xc” with these specifications:

    Ultraviolet transmission 1 %
    Visible light transmission < 1 %
    Reflection of external visible light 88 %
    Reflection of internal visible light 11 %
    Total solar energy rejected 99 %
    Total solar energy rejected 2* 99 %
    Solar ratio :
    Solar energy reflection 85 %
    Solar energy absorption 14 %
    Solar energy transmission 1 %
    Reduction in Solar Glare 100 %
    g-value 0.03
    u-value 5.1
    Shading coefficient 0.2
    Installation type External application
    Roll length 30,5 m
    PET / PVC composition PET
    Thickness 60 μ

    Do you think that this would get a good result? i have no specifications to the foil i am using now, but i guess it has
    Reflection of external visible light about 60 %
    Reflection of internal visible light about 60 %
    why i thinkt that? because other cheap foils have these specifications.

    if this vista 99xc should create good results, does anyone know where to get them? just found this foil on the manufacturers site, and i don’t think they will sell to private customers.

    thanks in advance,

    edit: well, just found already a seller… price would be ok… what do you think about the specs?

  • Hi AstraKid.

    We tried and tested foils but eventually settled for reflective glass. Its more expensive, but the end product is far better.

    Just a few tips:
    Foil on Perspex - Forget it. It will eventually bubble and look crap.

    Foil on Glass - OK result, but difficult to find a foil that gives a good balance between reflectiveness and screen brightness.

    Reflective Glass - Shoot for a 50/50 if you can - 50% reflectiveness, 50% light permeable.

    Good luck.

  • thanks for your advice. i have the problem that my wife shall get it for christmas, but i don’t know if she will like it. so it is more something to test and on the other hand a nice project for me and my children. 😉
    that is the reason why i need something that is quite cheap at first… if she don’t accept that kind of technic i will use the raspberry for something else, otherwise i might exchange the foil by a spy glass later on. but a good spy glass costs >150$, whereas my perspex with foil will be less than 40$.

  • @astrakid Good luck getting the foil to stick and hold on the perspex. I tested this about 2 months ago. It started to bubble within a few hours.

    Either use glass with the foil or try to find perspex that already has the foil or equivalent already applied.

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