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Carousel and omxplayer moving

  • Good evening,
    I use MMM-Carousel.
    My question is:
    you can move somehow omxplayer to scroll pages.
    At this time the player when it is open is fixed at the position where it opens.
    Do you think there are possibilities and / or solutions?

    Thank you, Alberto

  • This post is deleted!

  • Goodmorning,
    I’m trying to insert a command to the MMM-RTSPStream module, which stops the rtsp flow from all the pages that do not contain the frame that displays the stream but I can not figure out how to do it.
    I have inserted this part of code in the MMM-Carousel.js file from row 131:
    Stream view is on page 3:

                // Update the current index
                if (goToIndex === -1) {                             // Go to a specific slide?
                    if (goDirection === 0) {
                        this.currentIndex += 1;                     // Normal Transition, Increment by 1
    		    if (this.currentIndex != 2) this.Notification("STOP_ALL_OMXSTREAMS", "")
                    } else {
                         console.log("Currently on slide " + this.currentIndex + " and going to slide " + (this.currentIndex + goDirection));
                        this.currentIndex += goDirection;           // Told to go a specific direction
    		   if (this.currentIndex != 2) this.sendNotification ("STOP_ALL_OMXSTREAMS", "")
                       if (this.currentIndex >= resetCurrentIndex) {   // Wrap-around back to beginning
                       this.currentIndex = 0;
                       this.sendNotification("STOP_ALL_OMXSTREAMS", "")
                    } else if (this.currentIndex < 0) {
                       this.currentIndex = resetCurrentIndex - 1;  // Went too far backwards, wrap-around to end
    		   this.sendNotification("STOP_ALL_OMXSTREAMS", "")
                } else if (goToIndex >= 0 && goToIndex < resetCurrentIndex) {
                      this.currentIndex = goToIndex;                  // Go to a specific slide if in range
    		  if (this.currentIndex != 2) this.Notification("STOP_ALL_OMXSTREAMS", "")

    I entered this line where I think the page is being checked:

    this.sendNotification("STOP_ALL_OMXSTREAMS", "")

    I certainly miss something in sendnotification or/and in code placement

    If possible, would you give me a hand?

    Thanks, Alberto

  • Moderator

    Maybe I missed something, as it’s a bit hard to read on a smartphone, but I think you would need a node_helper.js file, which receives your kill notification broadcast and performes the kill process.

  • Hi yams,
    From what I understand is that I do not just do a kill of omxplayer because the RTSPStream module reopens.
    I need to make a stop stream of the RTSPStream module.
    In fact I tried to make OMXPlayer kill from the MMM-OnScreenMenu module by modifying the shutdown entry to make a kill to omxplayer but after a while the stream reappears!
    So my purpose would be to stop the stream when they are on pages that do not display it (pages 1, 2, 4) and open it only on page 3

    Thanks, Alberto

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