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Help! Icon Creation

  • Hi all! Here i am a beginner to this smartMirror things…just tested some modules which i liked the most…but i want to create a clean UI …just like any other os looks…i want few modules to be displaced after booting of my mirror…then there should be some icons for my modules on the intial screen …upon clicking those icon their respective modules should start their function…and after use i should b able to close them…how can i achieve this??

  • Module Developer

    As I know, Modules should have been created for those behaviors. But almost all of modules hadn’t.
    If you need, you’d better build your owns.

  • Thanks for your reply! actually i have an idea like…on initial boot i will hide those modules which are not required for me…i will bound all modules with some respective icon images…then whenever user clicks something, i want to perform an event & their respective actions of those modules…once the use is done…i will make them hide back…is this works?? because this is just my idea…i want to confirm this…if not so can you suggest me better way of doing it?? if you are aware of these things…

  • Module Developer

    Basically, it will work.

    Module hiding and revealing mechanism are already there.
    So, we need just monitoring and controlling module status. And I think it is not difficult at all. (pretty icons are… another issue. :D)
    Very interesting. do you have a plan for this building by yourself?

  • Module Developer

    And, I just find another idea.
    If you are javascript guru, you can add additional DOM(like upper-right close button) to each module’s view to close itself
    Register click event to that DOM to distinguish which DOM is pressed. And you can hide that module!

  • Yes! i am looking forward to develop 1 for me…on my own…but interested in little customization of the ui part for better appearance…started this few days back…successfully done, building my own voice assistant using amazon .ai. but facing some issues as my mirror is small…not able to accommodate all the modules i am interested thought of doing some icon pack creation…googled it alot …havent got any proper solutions…

  • @Sean ya! its a good part of doing it …anyway i am looking forward to use swipe left/right gestures to hide them back…:)

  • Module Developer

    @Basanth_Kumar I’m also making my own gesture-command module. Swiping is not so difficult. you can use hammer.js or implement from scratch with touch events. (

  • @Sean wow…! your are really awesome…now that really reduces my efforts…thanks a lot…no need to code it again…i think slight changes will works fine for me …i think:)

  • If you do have any idea for creating virtual keyboard for yours… let me know…i want to integrate that too…

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