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Google Home Integration with Magic Mirror

  • Hi,

    I have several google mini and home devices in my house. I would like to send voice commands to my magic mirror and also use google mini as my speaker. Is there anything out there to achieve this?

    Maybe also by using IFTTT without any port forwarding or similar?


  • Hi, yes this is exactly what I did for my house.

    First of all, i have a connected xiaomi wifi extension plugs, so plug 1 = my screen, plug 2 = the RPI3

    when I say “OK Google turn on/off the screen”, it switches on/off the screen according to an http request (WARNING to local IPs on IFTTT) that i ve included on ifttt.

    Same thing for the RPI if I want to reboot or switch off or switch on (ssh commands via http requests).

    The only thing that I still can’t do, I would like to do is changing the profile with the great plugin profile switcher :¬ification=CURRENT_PROFILE&payload=“News”

    The issue is this is a local IP… I don’t know how to run a script from my server (opened to the internet) that could run this local http request 😞 is there any function in PHP?

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