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Hard to read dark

  • Today i bought a piece of two-way-mirror at a local glass shop. But when laid on top of the monitor showing MM2 everything is very hard te read. The only way to actually see something is closing all curtains, but then the lighter text (seconds of the clock for example) isnt readable unless you are approx at 20 cm distance.

    The brightness settings of the monitor are 100% and I have tried a lot of different settings in the monitors menu. Without mirror everything is very bright.

    Anything else I can do to improve the see through factor, or is it the mirror itself. What kind of light reflection, light pass through percentages should I look for? And where to order online if necessary. I checked out but shipping costs are waaay to high.

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    That’s a quality of the glass/film on it. Different films have different transmission properties. Some will allow more light through than others. You need to find the right one for the task. I would go back to the shop and ask if they have something with a higher light transmission value.

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