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Dutch Rainforecast graph (Buienradar)

  • Based on a Dutch public api for rain forecast (BuienRadar).

    alt text

    More info on Github

    Config options

    The following properties can be configured:

    First Header Second Header
    lat the latitude of your location
    lon the longitude of your location
    width controls the size of the module
    height controls the size of the module
    lineWidth the thicknes of the line
    lineColor the color of the line
    fillColor the color of the area under the line
    maxPower the maximum number on the y axis
    rainText The text you want to display in front of the last time received in the last call
    noRainText the text you want to display if no rain is expected untill the last time in the last call.
    nrOfTimeLabels optional value, adds a number of time labels under the graph, advised values: 2-5. If non existant or 0 reverts to default behaviour.

  • 0_1521274232273_250ef51a-0175-4fe2-9398-f21c4959e301-image.png

    Hi, All I’m getting is this graph. Using the default module settings.

  • Looks smaller than expected, are width and height set correctly in the config?

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