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    Please post any trouble you have with the SwissStationboard module into this thread.

  • Hi VanHoekd,

    Thanks for making the module, it was very clear to set up and I dont have a problem with it. I wanted to edit the module slightly so that the trains I cant catch because of the walking time arent shown, as I have quite a long walk to the station. Is that possible to do? If so could you walk me through it?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Looking at the code it seems like “unreachable” trains get the class “.darkgrey”. Without changing the code of the module, you can add this line to your MagicMirror/css/custom.css :

    div.module.MMM-SwissStationboard .darkgrey { display: none; }

    Going further:

    If you want to change the code and care about making it configurable, add hideUnreachable: true to the config of the module and hideUnreachable: false to the defaults in the module’s js. Similar to the other if switch, add this at line 105:

    if ((diff > this.config.minWalkingTime) || (diff < this.config.minWalkingTime && this.config.hideUnreachable != true)) {
        // all the code from the original for-loop from line 106 on
        // you can leave the if switch at line 110 - 120
        // this way the unreachable trains will be darkgrey via css when hideUnreachable is not active
        // shows trains:
        // if diff is greater than minWalkingTime (= reachable) OR
        // if diff is smaller than minWalkingTime AND hide is not true (is false)

    If you don’t care about config, default and css and want to change the code, just add an if switch at line 105 similar to line 110 but with switched signs < to >:

    if (diff > this.config.minWalkingTime) {
        // everything from the original for-loop from line 106 on 
        // only adds results that have a diff greater than your minWalkingTime
        // you can leave out the if switch at line 110 - 120 in this case

    I didn’t test all of this, though.

  • Thanks for your help! Your first suggestion works. It removes the unreachable ones; if the maximumEntries is 10 and 8 of the entries are unreachable then only 2 will be shown. I fixed this by just increasing the maximum entries.
    I tried the last suggestion, thinking this would bypass the maximumEntries problem but unfortunately, i couldnt get the code working.

    Anyway thanks for your help!

  • Ah, yes of course, it will still only call the maximum number of entries. That’s a bit more challenging.

  • Module Developer

    I will try to integrate that possability in a future release. Please give me some time for that, because i go on holiday soon and i don’t know if i get to it untill then.

  • Module Developer

    It is included in the Module, please go into the Modules/MMM-SwissStationboard folder and issue the following command

    git pull

    Now you can remove the line from your custom.css and you will always have the same amount of connections shown, just add the following line to your module configuration:

    hideNotReachable: 1, //Will hide all the not reachable connections

    I hope, this will help :)

  • This is great! Thanks a lot. I will try it when i get home.

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