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How to setup repository for collaboration?

  • So some friends and I all decided to work on a Magic Mirror together. We forked the Magic Mirror repository and are all working on it together. This means that we would all like to be able to develop it on our own personal computers and push to our forked repository, updating the config file as well as adding 3rd party modules. What would be the best way to setup the repository? Should we even fork the repository in the first place to allow for later updates? What .gitignore files should we edit? Thanks in advance.

    Note: I’m still fairly new to Github.

  • @mbeiswenger Suggest you take the free TryGit course. You can also consult the Git documentation and ask questions here (search first!).

    In terms of collaborating, it depends if you will all be working on the same or different features. You will want at least one fork. Also, make your commits small and related (not “here is MM3.0” but “added optional config param capitalizeAll to newsfeed“). You can either share contributor access to a single branch, or all have them fork-your-fork and submit Pull Requests to your fork/branch. You shouldn’t need to modify .gitignore – it should already ignore the right files plus a lot of OS-specific cruft.

    If you ever intend on submitting your changes to the MM develop (not master) branch, see the contributing notes in

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