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Camera / PIR behind mirror glass

  • Hi,
    just doing the fine tuning before final implementation.
    Has somebody placed the PIR sensor and/or the Webcam for Face recognition behind the mirror glass ?
    Thanks for feedback.

  • Glass reflects IR light. The PIR sensor will most likely not work behind the mirror. As for the camera: it probably depends on how much light passes through the mirror. Which again depends where the mirror is located. I am not using a camera but could imagine that you won’t get satisfactory results.

    My PIR sensor is behind the wooden frame in which I drilled a 8mm/3mm hole. The 8mm hole only goes halfway through the wood to house the sensor without the lens (= the sphere) and the 3mm hole allows the sensor to see. Not sure if that’s clear to understand…

  • I’ve done this very thing using a microwave radar sensor instead. Positioned it behind the glass and used the standard PIR module which works without any additional configuration (just need to tell it the correct GPIO pin as standard). It was a RCWL-0516 sensor and there’s loads on ebay.

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