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Order for Switzerland

  • Hello,

    Due to the difficulty of finding good mirrors in Switzerland, I decided to go looking for some in Germany in a subsidiary of Pilkington. To reduce the costs of my trip, I suggest bring back mirrors to my Swiss and French friends too! I live in Geneva, you can come and pick them up here!

    Pilkington makes the best mirrors for our projects. The two special models are :

    • "MirroView": ideal for applications with low ambient light
    • "MirroView 50/50" is ideal for applications with high ambient light.

    You can see the descriptions on the official website:

    I will make the trip in 1 month, between the week of March 23rd to the 29th. The production time according to the seller is 2 weeks.

    You have until March 9 to place your orders !

    The price of the supplier are 290.- euros the m2. I will ask you 10 additional euros per order to participate in the transport costs.

    Send me your orders by comments!

    Goodbye friends.

    Andrew A.

  • @alvesge said in Order for Switzerland:

    MirroView 50/50

    Where are you going to buy the mirror? I have the normal MirroView and it isn’t working very well because the room is too bright. Since I am already living in Germany I could probably order it by myself. Just need to know where to get it from as I couldn’t find any shop that sells it online.

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