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Finishing touches

  • Hey guys & gals.

    My mirror is done and has been for quite some time, very happy with the result too.
    I just have found a few things to nitpick on that i would like to sort out aswell, but im not too sure on how to do so so here’s the deal.

    #1 The newsfeed, when the article is too long (too many words) the entire thing will jump a bit to make it fit the screen. Any way of stopping it doing that or simply filter out articles that have 10+ words in them instead?

    #2 I have a pir sensor installed wich turns off the screen when no movement and back on again when movement is detected. As most screens i get a little uh, i guess signal text or something, not quite sure how to explain it. But its some small text in one of the corners when the screen is powered turned back on. Its only there for a second or two but if there is any way to stop that from showing up that would be neato.

    Any input you guys have would be much appreciated!


  • Also added MMM-Skyss, but how do i reduce the width of the table?

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