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  • The module is working fine. Thanks! Is there any way to change the output temperature to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

  • first off thanks I really enjoy the module!! great work! I do not have any colors on my dashboard at all and reading the thread I see that when my furnace is running the flame should be red?

  • @fabbr Thank you for the Ecobee Module.
    I really like it and it has been working fine for me… however i am running pm2 and watchdog and for some reason the mirror is restarting quite often and every time it wants to reauthorize with Ecobee api why is that and how can i minimize it… it happens like 5 times a day or more …annoying kinda thing.
    Any thoughts??

  • Any thoughts on the above issue??

  • This is awesome @fabbr , many thanks!

    Any word on doing a colored: true option? I’m just starting down the road of MM, so I may peak into the code to see if it’s something I can tackle.

  • I just got started with Magic Mirror and found this module. It’s awesome! I was so happy to find it. My fear is that you’ve stopped working on it. I’m really hoping you for the celsius conversion… Though you’d think that Celsius would be the default from the Ecobee API. Ecobee is a Canadian company!

  • I fear it has been a while too for this module…
    The module is working great!

    But is there a way to only show the thermostat and not the sensors?

  • @LordBane Good day all, really love this module great work. i just found this and noticed that it was in fahrenheit but as a canadian i would like it to be in celsius. so i look at the code and found the lines that need updating for it to display in celsius.

    to do this you will need to edit the file MMM-Ecobee.js (Location = MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Ecobee/)
    update line 58 to be “var desiredHeat = Math.round(((thermo.runtime.desiredHeat / 10)-32)*5/9);”
    update line 59 to be “var desiredCool = Math.round(((thermo.runtime.desiredCool / 10)-32)*5/9);”
    update line 106 to be “currentTemp.innerHTML = Math.round(((device.capability[0].value / 10)-32)*5/9);”
    once that is done refresh the Mirror and the number will be updated.

    Please let me know if this cause any problems for anyone.

    Thank you

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