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  • I am having some issues all of a sudden with this module, I have can not get Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple to display the price. I get NaN

    also if someone could help me change to use colored logos that would be awesome, I can’t figure it out

    	module: "MMM-cryptocurrency",
    	position: "top_right",
    	config: {
    		currency: ['bitcoin', 'ethereum', 'litecoin', 'ripple'],
    		displayType: 'logo',
    		showGraphs: false

  • @kbostick88 I got the same problem. If I change the order of the currency the first one shows but the other is still NAN.
    I think it’s a problem with the MMM-cryptocurrency.js file.

    replied here also, so ppl can see

  • Module Developer

    I have made an updated extended version of MMM-cryptocurrency it is based on Mattelo’s work


  • I had this problem too and spent way too long digging into it. The problem is in config/config.js. In the config for the MMM-cryptocurrency module, both “currency” and “significantDigits” SHOULD be arrays. If you’re trying to show more than one crypto, but don’t update “significant digits” then any index after 0 will show as NaN.

    Here’s my config as an example:

                        module: "MMM-cryptocurrency",
                        position: "top_center",
                        config: {
                                currency: ['ethereum', 'bitcoin'],
                                conversion: 'USD',
                                showUSD: false,
                                //headers: ['change24h', 'change1h', 'change7d'],
                                displayType: 'logoWithChanges',
                                showGraphs: false,
                                significantDigits: [2,2],
                                coloredLogos: true,

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