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Updating MM (and/or disabling the update available message)

  • I now have a message saying there’s a new version of MM available on my MM setup. Can I inhibit the display of this message? If so, how?

    I thought perhaps I could update MM by running apt upgrade, but that doesn’t work. So is there some info on how to upgrade the system? Some step by step instructions?

  • Moderator

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    git pull
    npm install

    Alternatively you can remove this part from your config.js, but then you won’t get any notification about pending updates for MagicMirror or any of the modules

    	module: "updatenotification",
    	position: "top_bar"

  • Awesome - thanks!

    Let me ask you, is it worthwhile to create a cron script entry that will check for updates automatically, or is there a chance it can break something and may need to be manually handled?

  • Moderator

    As with every update, even from big companies like Microsoft, there is always a risk of breaking something

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