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Autobrightness 7" Touchscreen based on Ambient Light

  • I found this posting and will try to install it this week. Just use google translate to translate from its native Turkish.

  • Well I’ve done the wiring. I think it’s correct. I’m wiring directly with the pins on the pi.
    I get the error
    sudo: unable to execute ./ No such file or directory

    Here’s the code. Any help would be appreciated.

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    import time
    In gpıo.setmo (GPIO.BOARD)
    #ldr reading pisi identification
    pin_to_ldr = 7
    def rc_time (pin_to_ldr):
    	count = 0
    	#Output on the pin for 
    	GPIO.setup (pin_to_ldr, GPIO.OUT)
    	GPIO.output (pin_to_ldr, GPIO.LOW)
    	time.sleep (0.01)
    	#Change the pin back to input
    	GPIO.setup (pin_to_ldr, GPIO.IN)
    	#Count until the pin goes high
    	while (GPIO.input (pin_to_ldr) == GPIO.LOW):
            	count + = 1
    	return count
    #Catch when script is interrupted, cleanup correctly
    	# Main loop
    	while True:
    		bl = open ('/ sys / class / backlight / rpi_backlight / brightness', 'w'
    		read = 0
    		read = rc_time (pin_to_ldr)
    		if read

  • @hengy
    Well it seems to be working. What was missing from the cut and paste I did of the code was

    #! / Usr / local / bin / python

    Seems /usr/local/bin/python doesn’t exist on my pi. I changed it to usr/bin/python. Also
    okunan means read in Turkish. I changed it back to read. I ran this in a terminal and it seems to work. Nice, I now have a screen which changes to ambient light.

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