• Hi there,

    This is a module for playing music from USB pen drive as soon as it is inserted. A music player object is built inside the module, no iframe is used. The best position is bottom left, although it depends upon the user. The player has nice rounded and shadow borders which adds a nice aesthetic sense to the overall MM. The player then waits for the user to insert/attach a USB pen drive containing the MP3 files. As soon as a USB drive is plugged, the music starts playing!

    The module is built with error handling procedures. Feel fee to test it and let me know of any issues.

    Happy coding!


    thats how it shows
    thats how it shows


  • @asimhsidd

    Just thinking aloud here about this…

    Portable HD… with some kind of powered switch/usb hub… smart socket/inline switch that can be voice activated by either the mirror itself through voice module, or by Alexa/Google Home to Turn on/off HD.

    Leave HD in place behind mirror to save having a USB extention lead dangling to insert/unplug USB Stick.

    Share that HD on the Pi, so you can add/change your MP3’s from another Source on your network?

  • @damian

    Good idea… I like the thought process. Personally I like to avoid dependence on any external switch/equipment simply because I cant test it as I am making these modules on office windows PC (:p). Also the fact I am not a seasonal programmer, so I have certain limitations.

    However, I am reading about how to connect with the PI through Bluetooth and steam music on the go from the cellphone. Help me if you can!


  • got it to work on the latest build by lowering my node version to 57. however it works when i plug my usb in and then power on the pi but only then. not when the mirror is running and pluggin it in after or repluggin it in? any adive or pointers on how to fix that ?