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MMM-iHaveBeenThere : how to adjust zoom

  • Hi,

    the default setting of the module does only show europe and a little more.
    Well, we traveled from Cuba to Bali and need to see the whole world.
    I tried different zoom level, but I don´t get it.

    Does anyone know how to set these settings to see the world in total?


    Thanks a lot.

  • I tried it again and found my mistake.

    The default zoomLevel is 4.5.
    I testet small adjustment steps and then jumped to 0.
    However 0 is not zero zoom. I am not sure what it is.
    But it seems like I skipped the 1 which is no zoom.

    With zoomLevel 1 it was easy to adjust the zoomLongitude and zoomLatitude.

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