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Help QuickBooks module for MM

  • Hi everyone,

    I don’t know to much about programing and I need to display some information of QuickBooks in the MagicMirror.

    I see a lot of api developed to connect and search the information on GitHub, but don’t know what is the better way to do.

    Just need to display: Invoices, Bank Balance, Expenses and Sales.

    Someone can help me?


  • Module Developer

    I don’t think this is a good idea. A MagicMirror is by definition an IoT device, and IoT devices are notoriously known for their insecure practices. In fact, the default NOOBS install for the RPi from a security standpoint is a big no-no.

    Unless you have hardened your Pi to have sufficient security practices AND made sure that your network is secure, I would highly recommend against having an IoT device have access to your personal/business financial data.

    Plus, there are a few QB platforms e.g. online and desktop. Setting up access to a desktop QB file would likely require a computer to act as a QB server 24/7. And Quickbooks isn’t free, and module developers won’t be buying a subscription just to develop on it.