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Wifi Connectivity / Access Settings

  • Hi folks, so I completed my Magic Mirror about two months ago but I never got the chance to mount it because I did not have a spare monitor to use. So I ended up moving about a month ago and also recently acquired a monitor to use for this project.

    I assembled my pi and found that none of the internet based options were functioning because I cannot connect to the internet. My pi auto-boots to kiosk mode so I can not access the GUI where I can configure wifi settings. Am I forced to re-flash the OS to the SD so I can reconfigure all my settings? How can I go about accessing the settings now? any help would be much appreciated.

  • Moderator

    If you attach a keyboard to the pi, couldn’t you just hit ALT+F4 to quit the fullscreen browser?

    What happened to your settings? Are you able to access it on the network via wireless? If not could you plug in a network cable to access it then using putty (or any other ssh client)?

  • Did you get this fixed? With the MM running in kiosk mode, you can just and it will load the menu for you to get to the terminal screen. You can work from there or type in (pm2 stop mm) and it will stop the MM. I had a major issue with mine where when I followed the instructions for installation, my wifi wouldn’t work. I had to skip a step (the network config for wireless power) and the wifi comes up just fine.

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