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Magic mirror startup question...

  • Hi All,

    First time posting here so hoping the community can help.

    I have tried to google this but with little success to date…

    I have just created my first Magic Mirror and have had lots of issue with the Pi running MM at bootup and googled many forum posts to give me the answers to get it to work, which is great that the community has helped 🙂

    It now does boot up into the magic mirror and I have successfully blanked out all the boot images and colours at startup as well.

    One thing that concerns me is that the Pi Rasbian Stretch Desktop with the road image shows for 10-20secs during bootup and I wonder if there is a way I can hide that, so the whole bootup sequence is black!

    Does anyone know how I can achieve this or is the desktop showing during bootup, a standard part of the startup sequence?

    Many thanks for any help in advance!

  • Hi A4S,

    I am not sure whether this is possible, however… I have recently started to build my Magic Mirror and have thought of a possible solution/workaround.

    Set background/wallpaper to black.
    Set taskbar/panel to hide when not in use.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Moderator

    I took the same approach as @D90
    My background is plain black, almost all elements were removed from taskbar, all icons from desktop removed and I think I even changed colors of taskbar.
    In addition I followed a tutorial to remove most boot up text and display the MagicMirror splash screen instead. Still not “ideal”

    I know there are some people around running an alternative Window manager, but I did not find time to play around with that.

  • I use crontab and added
    @reboot tvservice -o to deactivate hdmi output on start. You can activate it on demand (as I do) or maybe after 60 seconds

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