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MMM-ModuleScheduler and MMM-TTS working together…

  • Hello,
    I am new to this forum. I have successfully installed my MagicMirror recently. I installed the following modules:

    • MMM-AlarmClock
    • MMM-FreeBox-Monitor
    • MMM-page-indicator
    • MMM-pages
    • mmm-moon-phases
    • worldclock

    Everything is working. Now, I would like to test the plugins MMM-ModuleScheduler and MMM-TTS. My idea is to program the reading of texts at specific times. (Wish a good day to my wife when she awakes, for example.)

    What should I put in my config.js file for it to work correctly?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I found it! Perhaps, the answer will help someone.
    MMM-TTS need a string as “payload” not an array. So, here is my solution :

            module: "MMM-ModuleScheduler",
            config: {
                notification_schedule: [
                    {notification: "MMM-TTS", schedule: "45 6 * * *", payload: "Have a nice day. Courage."},
                    {notification: "MMM-TTS", schedule: "0 8 * * *", payload: "Do a barrel roll!"}


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